About Trois-Rivières

Charming, welcoming, interesting, Trois-Rivières seduces with its festive energy, its great attractions and its surprising places. It is the heart of the capital of the Mauricie region that beats to the rhythm of its numerous festivals and its lively cultural scene, an effervescence that reaches its peak during the summer. The second oldest French-speaking city in North America, the city of Laviolette is now a must-see tourist destination, with nearly 3 million people visiting annually.

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About Trois-Rivières

Historic in character, Trois-Rivières, founded in 1634, is an authentic city. The architecture and charm of a bygone era can be found during a stroll through the streets of Old Trois-Rivières. Then, a few steps away from its historic district, the daily life of lumberjacks and loggers, and later of paper industry workers, is highlighted in interactive exhibits and spectacular installations.

North of the city, where the remains of the first industrial city of New France are located, preserves and tells another part of Quebec’s history. Follow the history of the city through its historic sites, museums and tours, which reveal multiple facets of the beautiful 300-year-old city.

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About Trois-Rivières

A city recognized on numerous occasions for its artistic vitality, it was Canada’s Cultural Capital in 2009 and continues to thrill and fascinate with animations, exhibitions and shows presented throughout the city. Don’t be surprised if, on a street corner or along a thematic circuit, you see a dance troupe, a musical performance, a poetry recital or an invitation to participate in street art. Musicians, actors, dancers, plastic artists and other fascinating creators who share their passion, bring all the senses into play. Everything at your fingertips.

Trois-Rivières offers so much per square meter that you may not have enough time to see it all. This variety, combined with its accessibility, makes it an ideal place for memorable getaways all year round. Trois-Rivières is a city to discover step by step, museums, art galleries, historical sites, trendy cafes and boutiques, bistros, microbreweries, coffee roasters, bakers, renowned chefs, all a great excuse to tour the territory and fill your suitcase with the best of the Mauricie.

Location: 3351 Bd des Forges, Trois-Rivières, QC G8Z 4M3, Canadá

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