Registration for the conference can be done until May 31.
Only one author per article should be registered. Registration includes publication, conference attendance, breaks (not lunch) and certification for all authors.

Type of participationUSD
Standard with publication in Atlantis Press275$
Standard with publication in Tirant lo Blanch250$
Member of the Scientific Committee, of XESCOM or AGACOM with Atlantis Press publication220$
Member of the Scientific Committee, of XESCOM or AGACOM with Tirant Lo Blanch publication200$
Regular double publication on Atlantis Press468$
Double publication on Tirant lo Blanch425$
One publication in Atlantis Press and one in Tirant Lo Blanch446$
Double publication of a member of the Scientific Committee, XESCOM or AGACOM on Atlantis Press440$
Double publication of a member of the Scientific Committee, XESCOM or AGACOM on Tirant Lo Blanch400$
One publication in Springer and one in Tirant Lo Blanch (member of the Scientific Committee, member XESCOM or AGACOM)420$
Participants without article90$
Additional fee for each extra page (Atlantis Press 30; Tirant 4000 words)31$

Forms of payment

a) Through the secure gateway of the Universidad del Rosario (preferential mode):

In this place, you must fill in the requested data. Pay special attention to three things: a) in the article number section, you must enter the number assigned by Easychair. If you have more than one, separate them by commas; b) select from the drop-down the payment option that corresponds to your contribution or contributions; c) In the case of having extra pages beyond 10 in English and 14 in Spanish, select the total number that has been exceeded.

Once completed, you will be able to access the payment gateway. There, the recommended option is to pay by credit card. The amount will come out in Colombian pesos and dollars, although the amount will be debited in your local currency, depending on the changes existing on the day.

b) Interbank transfer (non-preferential mode) in dollars or euros.

In this type of transfers, which can be made jointly between several authors, the proof of payment, the name of the registered authors and the article / article should be sent to the email . In the subject, the number of the articles must be indicated: example “Payment 14_34_44”.

Due to bank fees, in this case 4.5% must be added to the established amount.

Option 1
Account name: Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Nit: 8600077593
Bank name: Davivienda International
Bank address: 1110 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900 Miami, Fl 33131. USA
Swift Code: CAFEUS3M
ABA: 066011389
Account number: 887844010
Payment concept: Clarify the reason for the consignment

In case of problems with the payment, write to the email:


In case the payment is made by credit card, the system generates an invoice automatically. For any news about the invoice, you can contact the email

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